I have been working in web development since 2000 with a range of different technologies, in a number of different roles including hands on development, technical management and executive level management.

I have a passion for the cutting edge and the way it interacts with people (and also the ways that people working with technology interact with each other) and love enabling teams I am leading to solve tough technical problems in elegant, beautiful ways.

Over 15 years in the software industry I have been able to work on and lead projects for some of the largest companies in the world including; Proctor and Gamble, Cable and Wireless, William Hill and Nissan.

Over the years I have been employed directly when an opportunity arises but also work through my own company Wise Noodles, where we provide high level technical consultancy, training and recruitment services.

His technical skills were second-to-none, but I also couldn't be more impressed with his professionalism, attention to detail and love for the job.Andrew Lord, Head of Interface Engineering at Base One 





Wise Noodles

We worked with Sesquis (an early stage startup) to provide a technology and UX audit, and also to provide long term technical strategy guidance to help ready them for outside investment.

Sesquis is a Node.JS and MongoDB based project fronted with Angular.JS.

Atos / Canopy Cloud

Wise Noodles

We worked with Canopy Cloud to help them spin up a complex Node.js / React.js project, including CI using Concourse and continuous deployment to Cloud Foundry. 

Our expertise was requested to assist a largely junior team of developers find their feet on a new project. This included training, assisting with technology selection and helping them define a bootstrap template project to kick off this and future work.


It goes without saying that John is highly knowledgeable and respected within the PHP community, though what makes him especially effective as a trainer is his highly approachable and patient mentality coupled with a ability to communicate complex concepts in a way that is both digestible and practical to implement for the team.
Dan Hamilton, CEO
at Emagineers    

Easy Web Recruitment

Wise Noodles

Initially brought in by their CTO, we were tasked with assessing the existing technical architecture and development capacity (based entirely offshore) for their Application Tracking System product. Since then, we have worked with them to restructure the team and re-architect the application leading to their next major release.

We were involved at all levels of the project, defining the development process, documenting and communicating requirements, both high level technical architecture design and UX design, and also the day-to-day management of the team. This complex project utilized Node.JS, OrientDB, NSQ, LevelDB, Elasticsearch, InfluxDB, Docker and AWS.


Wise Noodles

Having worked with Emagineers on a previous project they asked me to assist training their development team in utilizing Agile development methodologies and best practices including TDD. We put together a series of weekly coaching sessions for the team which were well received.

We have also worked with Emagineers supporting their hiring process providing technical interview support and high level consultancy on a number of different projects.


I Style Myself

Wise Noodles

As interim CTO. I assisted in replacing an unsatisfactory offshore developer with an UK based development team. I lead development and architecture on the new application that was build with MongoDB, PHP and Node.js on the backend and Angular.js et al. on the front end.


Wise Noodles

Working with Croscon based in New York we designed and developed a MongoDB + PHP based CMS that was used to develop sites for key international clients.

The system let clients edit content in-place while still allowing for complete design flexibility including modern HTML5 features. Sites build using the CMS included the NASA Juno Mission, The Ocean Health Index, Qatar 2020, JCREW and more.


Nature Publishing Group

Wise Noodles

Working with their technical editing team to re­engineer their annotations tool used to attach metadata to articles published on nature.com. This role mainly involved me acting as Technical Lead on the PHP portion of the project (also partly written in Ruby).

However, due to the introduction of the Scrum methodology across all Nature projects while I was there; I was able to assist them with my experience in running Scrum based projects.

  • Technical lead on the annotations tool project using PHP, Ruby, Javascript, MongoDB and MarkLogic.
  • Assisted with the team’s adoption of the Scrum methodology, including running an estimation workshop with the team and helping with day to day “teething pains”.
  • Designed the user interface for their annotation tool based on the jQuery Mobile framework.


With his guidance, the team built beautiful software. John is top notch and would be a great addition to any project team or company. Marc Mapes, Product Marketing Manager at TalentObjects    


Development Manager

Working at HireMatch.me I was responsible for the overall technical output of the company, working alongside the founders and another developer (who I recruited) to create a cutting edge online recruitment tool.

  • Implemented and managed the organisations development methodology based on Scrum.
  • Devised our release management process using semantic versioning and the "git flow" method and tool­set.
  • Devised a new technical architecture for the application based around a light weight PHP MVC framework and MongoDB. We also utilised many external web service providers.
  • Successfully launched the product into beta in September 2011.


Senior Web Specialist

Numero develop cutting edge customer interaction management software and I head up their customer facing web development team, also working alongside the professional services teams to deliver custom web portals for key customers including Vertex, Tesco Bank, JD Williams and Yodel.

  • Implemented a new development and project management process improving knowledge sharing across disparate teams.
  • Implemented Git version control across the professional services department. This included implementing the tools and training the team.
  • Developed a new Java API to the bespoke web platform they had developed to allow for greater development flexibility.
  • Implemented a custom HR portal for Vertex to be utilised by their 12000 strong international workforce.

2008 - 2010


Professional Services Consultant

While working at Ibuildings I have handled the UK based training operations including designing the Ibuildings PHP Curriculum and have designed, written and delivered training courses across the UK.

  • Handled pre-sales activity including qualifying prospects, scoping project requirements, estimating and project planning.
  • Worked on and lead a variety of PHP projects including work for Cable and Wireless, IDEO, BBC,Scott Wilson, William Hill and Ladbrokes.

John is just one of those people who is technically gifted but speaks the language of humans. A problem solver, a futurist and the type of guy who is just fun to have around. 
Jon Holloway, VP at R/GA    

Without their work during this time, the full £600,000 project would not have received the go-ahead.Andrew Lord, Head of Interface
Engineering at Base One    


  John is very professional and always gives 100%. He made a very significant improvement to the performance of the application under high-load; which was extremely valuable to the business.
Will Wharfe, Senior HSBCnet and Interactive Manager at HSBC    

SAM Learning

Wise Noodles

SAM Learning provide online revision tools to over 60% of the schools in the UK, and currently have over 2.4 million active users. I was brought in to consult on the performance and saleability of the site. It soon became apparent that their development team lacked the experience necessary to manage a site of this scale and as a result I have been involved in significantly restructuring both the team and the code base.

  • Implemented SVN based source control, devised best practices and trained senior staff on its usage.
  • Designed and managed the implementation of various caching strategies on the site. Including using memcached, APC and file based caching. Again this involved the teaching of complex caching concepts to their development team.
  • Handled day­ to ­day management of the team for all performance and scalability related work.
  • Optimized the application and server architecture for horizontal scalability.
  • Assisted in the recruitment of a UK based technical manager.

While working with SAM Learning we used PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, memcached and APC.

Junction YK

Wise Noodles

Working as interim technical director within Junction YK on a public sector project my main role was to create a detailed user focused specification of the project, assess the project's technical requirements and with my team; build the platform.

They had been tasked by the North West RDA to create a large content driven business social network for the north west business community. Taking the form of an online magazine presenting content created by the editorial team (both written and streaming video and audio) users would be able to interact with the content via the social network. The majority of my role consisted of developing the site platform ready to receive the content. I also designed an intricate and accessible AJAX interface. We also assisted in the recruitment and management of two web developers.

The site made use of many different technologies, namely PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, ActionScript and Flash Media Server / Red 5.

Transport for Greater Manchester

Wise Noodles

Working with their technical team we were tasked with designing and developing a complex Intranet system for generating KPI reports for Manchester's Metrolink tram service. 

The input data came from various sources (CSV, Access and Excel) and first had to be imported into their SQL Server database. This was then checked for errors the PDF reports were generated from this clean data. All of this was fronted with a complex AJAX user interface giving timely access to all reports.

Technologies used were PHP5, SQL Server, JavaScript (and jQuery), XHTML and CSS.

Now Wash Your Hands

Wise Noodles

Initially brought in to consult on building a social networking site for Future Publishing, we went on to develop from scratch a scalable object­ oriented, MVC web application framework that formed the core of the initial project and was used as a springboard for all future Now Wash Your Hands PHP5 based projects.

We worked with Object Oriented PHP5 and MySQL within the typical LAMP stack.



Web Developer

Working with open source technologies and being given the ability to completely immerse myself in upcoming online technologies and trends; I have been able to expand my skills and experience significantly.

The main focus of my work was running and managing the development of the award winning site www.redrow.co.uk, this included developing an advanced AJAX powered CMS that allows their marketing team the freedom and simplicity of editing the content 'in-­place' on the page. The site was written entirely in PHP5 and the data stored in a MySQL database. Other technologies used extensively were XML, SOAP and JavaScript. I also managed two front end web developers while working on this project.

As well as my work with Redrow Homes, I have also enjoyed working on the Affinity Cards Ltd group of sites, including www.talksportcard.co.uk and www.confetticard.co.uk.

KMP Associates

Wise Noodles

Working with mainly with Microsoft technologies ­ ASP.NET / C# and some classic ASP ­ I have worked on various client websites. The Capital Incentives site involved integrating an existing design from an external design agency to the ActivEdition content management system, written in classic ASP.

The second project I was involved in was developing the Stanley Casinos main website, working with the designs created by the KMP design team I had to develop and complete KMP’s internally developed CMS, integrating the design and ensuring the site was put live on deadline. This was written entirely in C#.NET using OOP methodologies.

World Nuclear Association

Wise Noodles

After being approached by their director of public communications we joined their team to lead the development of a group blog solution designed to initiate debate within the nuclear energy community on the current issues affecting it. The World Nuclear Association is a global organisation seeking to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy as a sustainable energy source. Its members are responsible for some 90% of the world's nuclear ­generated electricity.

The work involved training both their senior management team and the various industry commentators in using the blogging software and customising the blog software software for their requirements. The technologies utilised were XHTML, XML, CSS and JavaScript.


Netherside School


While taking a career break, I wanted to do something both completely different and having grown up myself with dyspraxia I decided to volunteer at Netherside School in North Yorkshire, a residential school for secondary age boys with learning difficulties.

While working at Netherside I was able devise and run various creative workshops with the children, covering digital sound production, drama and film making. I also assisted with the school's IT systems and from the many dormant, aging and mostly unused systems created an IT suite using Ubuntu Linux.

Netherside was one of the most challenging roles I have ever undertaken but also the most rewarding.

2003 - 2004

ASAP Couriers

Wise Noodles

Working closely with management and department heads I designed, implemented their Intranet which supports all aspects of the company's day to day operations and handles over 25 000 orders a month. This also fully integrates with their online solution allowing customers to place and have immediate access the live status of orders as well as detailed historical data.

The majority of the system was developed using MySQL, PHP, XHTML, XML and XSL and but also makes extensive use of JavaScript and Flash / ActionScript within some modules. Flash was used to create various interfaces and was integrated with PHP using SOAP technology. This allowed for a highly responsive interface allowing the system to keep pace with the day to day operations of the company .

Their online solution was developed working closely with their clients who include, Deloitte, Nationwide, O2 and Ulster Bank.


Wise Noodles

After developing a simple e-commerce solution for an earlier client I was approached by site91 to implement a similar solution for there them. The site had to allow them to fully manage their online business via a simple Content Management System.

  • The core technologies used were PHP and MySQL with various interface elements implemented using JavaScript.
  • At it's peak, the site generated over £20,000 / week in revenue and took over 100,000 hits per day.

2000 - 2002

Host Europe PLC

Web Developer

My initial role was Web Developer for Host Europe's London base. This involved developing various scripts using PHP, MySQL, Perl, VBS / WSH, ASP, ADSI and Bash.

  • Designed and implemented a web-­based front­end for backup scheduling and administration using PHP and MySQL for initially the twenty virtual ( NT / Linux ) servers and then the further one thousand plus servers that were included in our backup administration plan. This application had to be fully integrated into the company Intranet.
  • Developed a web­based stock tracking system using PHP, Perl and MySQL that tracked the three thousand or more stock items that are used each day at Host Europe. This involved the use of bar code recognition for tracking asset locations. Once this was established, it was integrated into the company Intranet and used across the group.

Lynx Internet

Web Developer

My main role involved working within a small team of developers on the company e­commerce application. This gave me experience of many Microsoft development tools including Visual Basic 5 / 6 and ASP, we also made use of SVN for version control that I implemented and administered. Additionally, I handled all internal network administration.

  • Managed the migration of the e­commerce application over from solely Microsoft to Linux based technologies to prepare for ISP roll out. This used all my ASP, PHP, MySQL and SQL Server skills to achieve a finished product.
  • Administered the company IIS 4 / 5 web­servers and oversaw the migration from NT 4.0 to Windows 2000 and also the MS SQL 7 Server and later its migration to SQL Server 2000.


You can email me on EMAIL or call me on PHONE.
I'm @antz29 on SkypeGitHub, Twitter and LinkedIn.

I can say his development skills are second to none and have found his ability to mentor and assist other team members both inspiring and accomplished.
Alex Collins, Owner and
Lead Designer at Ether Creative