John Le Drew

Organisational coach, experienced engineer, international speaker.

In almost 2 decades working in software engineering I have worked as a software engineer, team lead, project manager, product owner, trainer, agile coach and consultant. Working with clients ranging from small start-ups to multinationals.

Through Wise Noodles I help organisations solve tough technical problems by untangling their people problems. I am also host of The Agile Path Podcast; producing in-depth audio documentaries on the topics that most affect organisations transitioning to agile ways of working.

His technical skills were second-to-none, but I also couldn't be more impressed with his professionalism, attention to detail and love for the job.
Andrew Lord
Corporate Webmaster, Cable&Wireless

The manifesto for agile software development and the principles behind it is central to my approach. Working with organisations to help them learn to apply the principles has become a passion. There is nothing more exciting to me than seeing a team surprise themselves with potential they did not realise they had.

My broad experience has helped me understand the value of gaining a complete understanding of the business and pairing that up with my deep technical knowledge allows me to interact with both the business and technical teams on their level.

I will work with your teams, helping them learn how to embody the agile manifesto and the principles and practices that underlie them, and work with your management teams to help them learn how to see to their team’s needs.

If anything in the list above relates to you (or you want to speak to me about anything else), then get in touch directly via email at