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I have just moved to sunny (mostly) Derby! If you are in the are area and need a hand then let me know!

I have been working in web development since 2000 with technologies such as PHP, JavaScript, MongoDB, MySQL, SQL Server, IIS, ASP and Apache.

I'm an independent consultant and I love helping start-ups and SMEs with tough technical problems. Give me a call and let's have a chat :)

I am passionate about open source software and development and am always looking into new technology; most recently NodeJS and MongoDB. I have also published a few s imple modules on NPM (base, twister, configr and slicer) all over on my GitHub account. I am a Zend Certified Engineer and was the first Zend Certified Framework Engineer in the UK.

I'm also involved with the PHP community and I ran the unconference at DPC 2012, PHP NW 2012 and you can see me running the uncon at PHP UK 2013 at the end of February.